About Endangered Outlaw

endangered-outlaw-logo-olds-siteMy name is John Duncan. I am a native Floridian, father of three, and owner of a yacht refurbishing business. As a child, my friends and I spent as much time fishing, diving, hunting, and participating in any outside activity possible. In the 70’s we used to take a sunfish sailboat sail, install it to a skateboard, and board the local parking lots. We could 4 wheel any open land without a fence line, and not worry about offending anyone or getting into trouble.

Those were the days……

Understanding Endangered Outlaw and our designs is really pretty simple. We all have hobbies, some are old and some are new. Things that we used to find fun and entertaining, are either frowned upon or in some cases illegal. People that enjoyed these hobbies have become outlaws, and the things they like to do, have become endangered. All of our designs poke fun at these things and attempt to put them in a prospective that we can all appreciate. We hope you enjoy our designs!

There are those that don’t understand my designs, and then there are those that do. To my customers that enjoy being Endangered Outlaw’s my hat is off to you!